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Pudong New Area convened 2015 Work Summary Evaluation Meeting for Red Cross Medical Institutions

Recently, 7 Red Cross medical institutions including Pudong New Area People’s Hospital, Pudong Hospital, Red Cross Seniors Hospital, and Weifang community Health Service Center attended the Work Summary Evaluation Meeting for 2015 organized by the Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area. 7 Red Cross named medical institutions all received outstanding assessment in annual work.

In 2015 Pudong New Area Red Cross medical institutions successfully completed renewal of naming agreements, which enhanced the sense of honor, sense of mission and responsibility awareness of the Red Cross naming. Last year, 7 Red Cross-named medical institutions recruited nearly 10000 members, 390 volunteers, raised over 260,000 yuan of relief fund, and distributed 630,800 yuan of relief money. It held 70 times of Red Cross activities, and 2271 person times of emergency rescue training. In July, 2 Red Cross medical emergency rescue teams from Pudong New Area People’s Hospital and Pudong Hospital passed evaluation and acceptance by expert team. The Pudong New Area People’s Hospital Mantianxing Red Cross volunteer service team carried out volunteer service activities for moving closer to patients and penetrating into community; successful community linkage was unfolded between the Red Cross Seniors Hospital and Xuanqiao Town Fraternity Health Life Center, and between Weifang Community Health Service Center and Weifang Residential Quarters Sub-district Red Cross General Service Station, offering free diagnosis consulting, health care propaganda & education services to community residents; the Pulmonary Hospital and Heqing Community Health Service Center visited in-house critically ill impoverished seniors on the occasion of the Double Nine Festival.