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The Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area consoled families with patients of critical illness and financial difficulty

As the Spring Festival of 2016 approaches, accompanied by Kangqiao Town Deputy Township Head Yuan Ming and other staff members, Ding Chaoying, Executive Vice President of the Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area, led staff to visit the family of HSC transplant patient Junior Yu for home consolation.

A strong cold spell from the North indeed brought considerable chill to the city of Shanghai, nevertheless, armed with heart-melting warmth, everyone braved winter rain, and together came to Junior Yu’s home. The illness afflicting the 18-year-old Junior Yu is MDS (myelodysplastic syndromes), the only radical remedy for this illness is HSC transplant, but the high operation fee is undoubtedly an astronomical sum for this household of wage earners. Fortunately, with help from all social circles, the operation proceeded smoothly, in July 2015 the operation therapy was completed successfully, but the expenses needed for bone marrow transplant and follow-up treatment brought extra misery to this originally not well-off family; at this moment, the crimson Red Cross delivered timely assistance, the Red Cross Society of China Shanghai Branch and the Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area offered lump sum 60000 yuan humanitarian relief fund. The patient’s father exclaimed repeatedly: “Thank the Party and the government, thank the long-time care and relief from the Red Cross Society.”

While bringing warmth, Ding Chaoying also gave the teenager spiritual encouragement, hoping Junior Yu can face his life squarely, regain health, and continue to play the role of a useful individual.