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Ode to the Soul of Army——Report on the 57th HSC Donation in Pudong New Area

August 1 is the Army Day, for demobilized serviceman Zhao Jun, “Army (Jun)” is not merely his given name, it is also an important symbol engraved in his life. On the very day of the “August 1” Army Day, he engraved himself into another person’s life with HSC (Hematopoietic Stem Cell), and spent another glorious day in his unique way.

In the morning of August 1, the delegation led by Teng Guixiang, Director of the Volunteer Department of the Red Cross Society of China Shanghai Branch, Zhao Ying, Secretary of Party Leadership Group of the Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area, along with the Municipal Commission of Communist Youth League and the District Commission of Communist Youth League visited Zhao Jun who was scheduled for donation on that day, and delivered care and consolation. It is exactly due to the contribution of this HSC volunteer, the 57th case in Pudong New Area and the 362nd case in Shanghai, that the life of a leukemia patient is able to continue.

The 37 year old Zhao Jun is a common employee of the SLIC Operation Department of Shanghai Gaoqiao SGPEC Petrochemical Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd Caohejing Operation Maintenance Branch, he joined the company after demobilization in 2000, thanks to his diligence and endeavor, he gradually became backbone staff in the department. Those who are familiar with Zhao Jun all know that, he is a man of very few words, and likes to keep a low profile, yet he is eager to help others, and willing to offer dedication. In June this year, when chatting with Zhao Jun, the head of the department learned that he is an HSC donation volunteer. At that moment he said calmly: “Very soon I may have to ask for a few days of leave, if the blood type matching is successful, I’m ready to give donation.” He also specially requested no publicity, saying “it is only a very ordinary thing”.

As it turned out, as early as in 2013, Zhao Jun voluntarily applied for HSC donation registration, and became an honorable HSC donor. At the end of April this year, Zhao Jun received a phone call from work staff of the Red Cross Society of China Shanghai Branch, and learned his HSC successfully matched the type of a patient in initial match. The work staff asked him whether or not he is willing to donate, and requested him to give it careful consideration, Zhao Jun said there’s no need for consideration on the spot, and said immediately that he’s willing to honor commitment. The chance of donation finally came, Zhao Jun felt very excited, after all, the probability of successful HSC match is very low, some people would wait for a life time without seeing a chance of donation, for this is definitely a predestined relationship!

Afterwards, Zhao Jun followed arrangements of the Red Cross Society to repeat the procedure of blood collection. Zhao Jun lived in Lingqiao in Gaoqiao Town, Pudong, each time he travelled between Pudong and Puxi to cooperate with work at the collection center with his spare time. In early June, he followed instructions to collect 30 ml blood at hospital blood station. In early July, he luckily passed high resolution matching. After receiving final notice, when it occurred to him that he would soon save another person’s life with his own HSC, Zhao Jun felt heavy responsibility on his shoulder, and at the same time he felt hugely proud of himself.

“Love can conquer everything”, Zhao Jun interpreted love and care with his real action; on this special day, he sang an ode to the soul of Army with selfless donation!