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Deploying “Life-saving Magic Tool”, Strengthening public safety guarantee

Pudong New Area convened ‘AED Setup at Public Venues’ Practical Project Joint Meeting

     Recently, Xie Yumin, Deputy District Head of Pudong New Area and President of the Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area, convened and presided over the joint meeting for ‘AED setup at public venues’, a practical project of the Pudong New Area government.

Zhao Ying, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and candidate for Executive Vice President of the Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area, Hu Kanghua, Deputy Director of the Commission of Commerce, Yu Shilian, Deputy Director of the Pudong New Area Education Bureau, Vice President of the Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area, and Shen Jianhua, Deputy Director of the Market Supervision Administration, along with other supervising officials of member units of the joint meeting attended the meeting. Heads of relevant departments and offices of other member units (Propaganda Department of CPC Pudong New Area Committee, Pudong New Area Commission Of Economy and Informatization, Municipal Public Security Bureau Pudong Branch, Pudong New Area Civil Affairs Bureau, Finance Bureau, Health and Family Planning Commission, Pudong New Area Committee of the Communist Youth League) attended topic discussion. Zhan Heng, Section Chief of the Emergency Response Management Coordination Section of the Pudong New Area Government Office, attended the meeting, and put forward guiding opinions and suggestions for future deployment at venues such as government public service zones, and public transport hubs.

As the formal opening date of the Shanghai Disneyland approaches, Pudong is attracting large crowds of tourists, its public safety is facing unprecedented challenge. Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a “life-saving magic tool” for on-the-spot immediate defibrillation, and rescue of heart arrest in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It has been learned that, in 2015 the Municipal Emergency Response Office and the Red Cross Society of China Shanghai Branch together took the initiative to start pilot trial of AED setup public welfare project in Pudong New Area, 248 devices were installed at Pudong Airport, Century Avenue Metro hubs, community Red Cross general service stations, some aged care institutions with medical treatment function. In 2016, this project is listed as a practical project of the Pudong New Area government, for which a joint meeting consisting of relevant member units was set up. This marks the first meeting following the establishment of the joint meeting of AED setup practical project by the Pudong New Area government.

At the meeting, Zhao Ying reported Pudong New Area’s pioneering efforts in its pilot setup of AED in Shanghai in 2015 and the progress of practical project in 2016, reported “Implementation Plan of AED Setup at Public Venues Welfare Project in Pudong New Area between 2016 and 2018; listened to opinions and suggestions on the ‘Joint Meeting Work System for AED Setup at Public Venues” Practical Project of the Pudong New Area Government’, clarified responsibilities of each member unit; focused on studying and discussing work plan within the year, and deployment arrangement matters in key areas including Disneyland, railway transport, sport & culture venues, middle and primary schools.

Finally, Comrade Xie Yumin, Deputy District Head and President of the Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area, put forward the following four requirements on how to properly handle next-step promotion work: Firstly, make appropriate deployment in a down-to-earth manner. Based on financial budget and demand, ensure guarantee for public service zones. E.g. metro stations, public transport, sport stadiums, and large shopping malls where large crowds will gather. Secondly, further strengthen training, ensure wide training coverage for volunteers at setup spots, employees of setup units and the public; thirdly, intensify propaganda efforts. To coincide with the unveiling of the “Regulation of Shanghai Municipality on Medical First-aid Service”, take full advantage of community propaganda platform, ‘pdnews’ WeChat account and other public convenience info platforms; fourthly, properly handle late-stage management and day-to-day maintenance, introduce innovation in management means, through volunteer assistance, through project open operation, set up information data bank; fifthly, organize regular evaluation. Regularly evaluate management, maintenance, emergency response drilling, volunteer service, and actual usage cases etc.